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Dr. rer. nat. Markus Osterhoff from Göttingen/Groß Lengden, Germany , publishes his photos of scientific equipment around the world on these pages. Please feel free to browse my photos; if you would like to share / use / print them, please contact me first.

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Close-up: sample region of the GINIX instrument, showing optical microscopes, several apertures, and sample.

Virtual Backgrounds

Please find some virtual background images for your video conferences on this Special page. Attribution is welcome.


Since the new year requires new calendars mounted to walls, I might update karl.pdf from time to time. Feel free to print it for private use.

Heinzelmännchen Analysis System

I have won the Dectris Award 2018 for the design and programming of our Heinzelmännchen cluster for data analysis.

New Layout

While reading Website Obesity by Maciej Cegłowski I decided to re-build, this time not using the heavy stuff like jquery and bootstrap. Now everything is served from static files, with one small self-written css.

Including start page photo and some font files, the initial page is less than 250 kB; the largest category (Physics) is about 1 MB worth of preview images, and only one per-cent of data is html+css.

I hope you enjoy this clearly written web page that foregrounds my photos and neither “nice effects” nor “chickenshit aesthetic”.


All photos published on this site are protected by respective copyright laws or Urheberrecht. Any further use – such as but not limited to – printing, sharing, public display, is prohibited. Contact me for further enquiries.

Let's try Encrypt

We offer also an SSL encrypted version of evaluating the public beta of the let's encrypt initiative.

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