Photo Physics/EH7Q8057.


The Göttingen Instrument for Nano-Imaging with X-Rays (GINIX) is a dedicated endstation for coherent nano-diffraction and imaging at the Coherence Beamline P10 of the PETRA III synchrotron.

The instrument has has been designed and installed by the group of Prof. Dr. Tim Salditt (Uni Göttingen) in collaboration with Dr. Michael Sprung at P10 and the PETRA III project team. A powerful Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) mirror system and a modular system of additional optical elements can be used for beam definition, filtering and focusing with spot sizes in the range from 500 nm down to 5 nm.

This photo focuses on the advanced motorisation for sample movement (scanning and tomography) and optical elements (waveguide filgering optics, multilayer zone plate focusing optics, cleaning apertures etc.).

More information about the GINIX insturment can be found on the DESY Photon Science website.

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