Infrastructure: Data Management

The primary goal of project INF Data Management is the sustainable publication of algorithmic methods developed by the SFB 755 projects. The numerical methods for processing and analysis of nanoscale photonic images are a great value for different scientific communities, e.g. optical nanoscopy, x-ray imaging including tomography, and general Poisson statistical imaging.

Computing at the GWDG

Within INF, a common infrastructure will be set up for online tools (interactive web pages, Java applets etc.) to make the developed tools available for the general public. As internal services for the SFB 755, project management, exchange of source code and data, and workshops will be offered.

Principal Investigators: Markus Osterhoff, Ramin Yahyapour

Dr. Markus Osterhoff

Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Göttingen