Imaging with Multilayer Zone Plates

The main goal of project C12 Hard x-ray imaging with multilayer zone plates is the design, fabrication, and application of multilayer zone plates (MZPs) for two-dimensional hard x-ray imaging with resolutions of 10 nm and below. Using MZPs, we already have demonstrated sub-5nm point focusing of hard x-rays, and preliminary results show the possibility of high-resolution imaging (collaboration of C01 and C04).

Schematic experiment, SEM image of MZP, X-ray scan of Siemens star, X-ray micrograph of nano pores

Methods developed in the projects C01, C04 and C05 (which in the first period concentrated on “optimized focusing of hard x-rays by nanostructures”) will be joined in the new project C12 to further advance from nano-focusing to high resolution imaging using hard x-rays.

Principal Investigators: Markus Osterhoff, Hans-Ulrich Krebs

Students: Christian Eberl, Jakob Soltau

Dr. Markus Osterhoff

Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Göttingen